Diligent research, vigilant management

Investment fads come and go. Bubbles pop. Why has Investment Counsel succeeded for more than 85 years? Our disciplined approach to managing portfolios has been refined and tested over time.We will build, monitor, and maintain your customized, diversified, and high quality portfolio through:

  • Diligent research
  • High-quality securities
  • Customized, individualized portfolios
  • Vigilant monitoring and rebalancing as necessary

Focus on long-term value

Slow and steady wins the race. Our traditional, twofold approach to investing is designed to create balanced portfolios that outperform the market:

  • Preserve purchasing power of principal and income
  • Focus on consistent long-term growth

We don’t chase quarterly benchmarks or speculative issues. We invest in high-quality stocks and bonds with a focus on returns. We tend to hold onto these securities for extended periods, which reduces turnover and creates tax-efficient portfolios.

Stringent selection process

Investment Counsel’s proprietary research models focus on micro factors rather than trying to predict overall market trends. Our stringent tenets produce a short list of acceptable investment vehicles that have been thoroughly vetted by our research team.

Strong Financials

Analyze cash flow statements and balance sheets to determine if a company can weather potential storms.

Competitive Advantages

Choose companies that possess distinctive competitive advantages, which contribute to long-term staying power.

Tested Management

Evaluate management’s ability to set and achieve realistic goals to maximize shareholder value.

Attractive Valuations

Assign an intrinsic valuation based on varying growth scenarios.